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Periodontal Gum Treatments in Orem, UT

Periodontics or periodontology is a dental specialty focused on the supporting structures of the teeth, namely (but not limited to) the gums. It’s estimated that more than half of U.S. adults suffer from gingivitis, a mild gum condition. While gingivitis is typically easy to treat and control, it can sometimes lead to much more severe problems such as periodontitis, or gum disease.

Gum disease can cause everything from bad breath to bleeding, pain and tooth loss. It has been linked to potentially causing other health issues like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. It’s clearly important to keep your gums healthy!

Your gum health can be improved through simple treatments like deep in-office cleaning (scaling and root planing) and other self-care tips the doctor will provide. In more severe cases, surgery is required.

Flap surgery is commonly used to treat gum disease. When infection isn’t caught early on, its spread creates deep pockets in the gums. Put simply, the procedure involves pulling the gums back from the teeth for deep cleaning and disinfection, then suturing the gum back in place so that it fits the tooth snugly. After the procedure is complete, it is much easier to manage gum problems and keep from severe consequences.

Bone and tissue grafting is required for the most severe cases, as gum disease can lead to bone and tissue loss.

If you have been experiencing tenderness, pain, bleeding or swelling in your gums, call our office to set up a consultation. We will discuss all of our periodontal services and your options. Together we will determine the best course of action to help you regain your optimum health!